Saturday, January 8, 2011

Open for Business!

Dear Blog Friends,

It's been too long, much too long.  The good news is, the shelves did arrive just in time for Christmas and here is a short recap of their arrival:

The Arrival on December 17th!
And the chaos as everyone worked into the night...
Some very special helpers arrived all the way from Michigan to help put books on the shelves the next day.

And by Sunday we were open!!!

We quietly opened the doors and so many happy customers came in to wish us well and check out the store. We are planning to have a proper "Grand Opening" in the coming weeks with giveaways, prizes and author and illustrator appearances as a way to thank you, our loyal fans who have cheered us on all the way to the finish line.

From There:

To Here:

Come visit us soon!!


  1. Congratulations! It looks like a beautiful store.

  2. Can't wait to visit, the next time we're on the mainland! Much success and best wishes! - Lisa Pyden