Monday, November 15, 2010

The first shipment!

It's been awhile since my last post and I can explain. Stress, worry, panic attacks, excitement, thrills and fun, it's all almost too much for me to handle and prevents me from writing coherent blog posts.  For example, on Friday I drove to the store and the UPS delivery man was waiting the door with 42 boxes. Yes, 42 boxes.

Exhibit A:

What is in those boxes you ask? Only the most wonderful toys, activities and plush from the fabulous Melissa and Doug.
There's dinosaur plush ...

And huge lions...

But don't worry you'll get to see the other gems in those boxes soon!

Friday, November 5, 2010


Soon the streets of Lexington will look like this!!

Ah, all the more beautiful with our charming projecting sign. I'm so happy to announce that it was approved and that we can move ahead and hang a real sign in a few weeks. Thanks to the Lexington Historic Districts Commission for allowing us to be the first blade sign on the street, we won't let you down! And thanks to Rich at Chatham Sign Shop for dealing with my panicked phone calls up until the last minute.

In other breaking news, we finally have a phone number and internet. Imagine!? We are really getting modern over here...You can call us at (781) 538-6131 but don't run to your phones just yet, we are still awaiting our sleek yet functional phone system.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Elephant's Trunk Signage

Tomorrow I meet with the Lexington Historic District Commission for approval of our signage. I'm nervous. I went to the meeting last month so I know what I'm in for and they only recently allowed hanging signs (which is what we would love to have) so it might take some convincing. Lexington center is so beautiful and historic so it makes sense that we have to go through this process. Imagine if Mass Ave was a mess of all different signs hanging haphazardly along the street?! The center certainly would lose it's charm which is why we are trying to maintain the historic feeling while also adding a little fun.

Here's what Gloria came up with for the hanging sign:

I obviously loved it and sent it directly to the sign company and they came back with this:

I think it's perfect! We can only hope that the committee thinks so too. Wish me luck! I'll have a full report Friday.