Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's new at the ETB

Thanks to those who made it to our grand opening, it was a complete success. Jane Sutton and Jennifer Goldfinger wowed the crowd with their picture books and were so wonderful to sit and sign for an hour afterward!

And guess what arrived just in time for the celebration?! Our gorgeous signage from The Chatham Sign Shop.  You can finally see us from the sidewalk now. 

And finally our illustrator wall is really heating up! In case you haven't heard, artist are donating a 12x12 illustration of an elephant for an open wall in the store. So far we have 11 including published illustrator's Jennifer Goldfinger and R.W. Alley. More are on the way but stop by the store to check them all out.

More pictures and updates on the way...


  1. The whole store looks so cute! The elephant wall was a great idea it really adds to the place. I know some illustrators who can send work later in the year if there's still empty space :)

  2. Thank you! It was all really Melanie's idea and it adds so much to the store. Yes, I would love to keep receiving elephants, it would be so great to have the whole wall filled!