Monday, October 25, 2010

A Bookshop is Born!

It's true! It's true! The Elephant's Trunk has found a home right in the center of Lexington, MA.  Can you believe it? No, neither can I.

The Elephant's Trunk is a full service independent children's bookshop serving children, teens, and the young at heart. Years in the making, the dream was born while in the children's literature program at Simmons College. My friend and classmate, Sarah, encouraged me to work at a wonderful independent bookstore where she was employed and thus began the grand dream. We visited shops, we schemed, and planned and avoided grad school papers.  I went on to be a children's book buyer and Sarah went on to manage a store but there was something missing. I loved my job but I had a dream that really wouldn't quit. There were ups ("It's really going to happen this time!") and  downs ("It didn't happen this time...") But through it all, we always believed that someday perhaps it would happen. And guess what? Someday is today!

Sure, I may not have a working store phone number right now, I might be missing some ceiling panels and dying for the carpet to come in but rest assured my friends, by December the store will be shiny and new and bursting with books.

If you can see past the glare, here is the very first window display just in time for the Halloween festivities!
The beautiful window is all Gloria's creative magic. Gloria also happens to be my mother and faithful toiler of the many Elephant's Trunk logos and future website design.

 Stay tuned for more updates as we creep closer and closer to opening day!


  1. Danielle - Congrats on this wonderful new venture! It looks like Elephant's trunk is going to take Lexington by storm. I can't wait for the grand ribbon cutting ceremony! Then children far and wide will flock to the best book store going!

  2. Wow, looks great!
    I can't wait to come in and browse and buy 10 copies of the giving tree!!! :o)

  3. Sounds exciting! Are you interested in having authors come in for book events? If so, can you post your contact information?

  4. So so exciting! Lexington is very lucky to have a children's bookstore. Definitely something we need. Any chance you would sell gift certificates before the official opening? We have some November bday parties and would love to support your store!

  5. Thanks for the support everyone! Yes to author events and gift certificates, I would be thrilled to do both. Please contact me at I'm so glad you found the blog!

  6. Very excited! Thx for bringing this to Lexington!!!!

  7. So excited to have you opening up in the center!

  8. looking for any high school employees?
    i'd LOVE to work here!!!! :)